Taking the Plunge: Romeo and Juliet

I love returning to school for the Spring Semester because that means I get to teach The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet  and To Kill a Mockingbird. I look forward to this semester every year.

Since I am in the process of aligning my curriculum to the Common Core Standards, I updated my vocabulary words, activities, and quizzes to better meet the standards. Teaching Shakespeare to struggling readers and ESL students is challenging, but I came up with a couple of vocabulary activities that I am hoping will make things a little easier for them. I created a table sort activity, two different vocabulary graphic organizers, a fun crossword puzzle for vocabulary review, and a simple vocabulary quiz for each Act.

I also wanted to make sure that I shared this resource with other teachers, especially teachers who might be new to teaching, or new to teaching ESL students.

If you are teaching Romeo and Juliet soon, I encourage you to checkout the vocabulary resources I created for Act I here. Best of all, it is entirely FREE!

My students are starting their vocabulary this week. After we return to school from the 3-day weekend we start reading the prologue.

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