It feels GREAT to get ahead

As teachers, it seems as if we have a constant, never-ending to-do list that haunts our brains at night as we try to sleep. At least once or twice a week, or maybe every night, as we lie in our beds drowsily drifting off into a peaceful sleep, a sudden thought pops into our heads. We are suddenly reminded of something we have to do. And suddenly, we are no longer drowsily drifting off into a peaceful sleep. Instead our brains are going full throttle thinking about all of the work that we still have yet to do for our classes.

Sound familiar?

Tonight I just finished aligning my vocabulary words, activities, and quizzes with the Common Core Standards. Even though we are just starting Act I, I finished the vocabulary for all five Acts, and boy does it feel rewarding. You can check out the vocabulary bundle here.

Teaching a variety of different students all in the same class (Intermediate ESL through advanced English proficient students), I wanted to provide differentiation in my vocabulary lessons. I wanted to make sure that I challenged my advanced students while still providing scaffolded and differentiated activities for my ESL students. I've used these activities before in my classroom, but never for Romeo and Juliet before.

The table sort vocabulary activity is a hands-on, fun and engaging activity that really motivates the students, so I am excited to watch my students show what they have learned as they complete this classroom activity.

I am certainly looking forward to a peaceful slumber tonight....that is, until I start thinking up my next classroom activity and lesson.

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